Workers' Compensation

Northern's investigators and supervisors are experienced and qualified in the specialized field of workers' compensation claims. Interviews are conducted by trained field representatives who are sensitive to each situation and who know how to "nail down" the facts to achieve the goals identified by our clients.
We're especially proud of our:

  • Accurate and sensitive interviews & statements
  • Ability to extract and elicit details that may be hidden
  • Ability to get records and proofs expeditiously
  • Prompt, detailed and accurate reporting
  • Ability to put all the pieces together
Property & Casualty

Property & Casualty claims can be very puzzling. At Northern, we uncover and deliver the missing pieces of your case through meticulous research and superior investigating. Our staff will:

  • Relay details of the accident or claim
  • Provide interviews and statements
  • Provide photographs and diagrams
  • Canvass for witnesses
  • Locate witnesses
  • Procure official reports, documents, records
  • Investigate for subrogation
  • Conduct activities checks
  • Signed Statements
  • Recorded Statements
  • Scene Photos and Diagram
Private Sector

Northern has what it takes to conduct discreet field investigations for individuals, corporations and the legal community. With our diversity in staff background and expertise, we can ferret out the information you need. Our extensive, and growing daily, access to data sources is a most valuable adjunct to the field investigator's work.

Other Services

In addition to the above we also offer the following:

  • Surveillance
  • Face to Face activity checks
  • Alive and well activity checks
  • Covert activity checks